Simple Everyday Magic

What we learned from the 90s Magical Entertainment

Are you struggling with not wanting to get up in the morning as though you’re paralyzed and the thought of doing anything rather than sleeping seems like too much? You struggling mentally to overcome this feeling like you’re drowning in constant worry? Do you feel anxious often and consumed by self doubt? Are you tired of feeling mentally exhausted, ALL the time? Are you lost on what steps to take to help you start living your BEST and HAPPIEST life? I heard you and I am here for you! Allow me to guide you through some pure magical guidance. My little gift to you, as having struggled with these feelings too, my goal is to change the world one mind at a time. I will get you feeling better mentally, rewire your mind to be more positive, so you can be productive in your everyday life and accomplish all that you want! Our minds are so powerful, and sometimes it likes to wonder. But what’s really great news is you can change that! Let’s make this shift together! 

Let’s start our days off right and let all the light in! My teenage years were in the 90s where we listened to mixed tapes, We’re the generation that literally saw the world shift. We can remember life before computers, before social media, before cell phones. 

Flannels were fashion staples. I mean, flannel was a way of life. 

If you wanted to see what was on TV, you had to watch the TV Guide channel and wait for the channel you wanted to scroll by. 

Sundays at 6 was disney movie time.

We took our selfies with a disposable camera. So you had no idea if you actually got your faces in the shot until you had the film developed. 

No social media.

As much as we love it, it was nice not seeing everyone’s thoughts ALL THE TIME. 

Teen movies were at their peak.Movies like Clueless, practical magic, 10 Things I Hate About You and She’s All That, my favorite Hocus Pocus were definitive of the decade and introduced to some of our favorite trends and pop culture references.

We learned so much from the 90s Magical Entertainment

 The Spice Girls taught us all about “Girl Power.”

The Spice Girls were more than just a singing group; they were a global phenomenon. They taught us how to be badass, fierce, women, and embrace our sexuality and our individuality.

And then there’s the infamous movie that made every teenage girl want to go to private school and fall into a goth-girl witchy coven of her very own. The Craft fueled daydreams for us all and taught us that mean girls never win.

Not only did the 1990’s bring us The Craft (1996), but we were blessed with the antics of the Sanderson sisters in Hocus Pocus (1993), Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996-2003) and her magical aunts, Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock in Practical Magic (1998), and our favorite Charmed (1998-2006) trio.

Long before manifesting abundance, creating dream boards, and desire journalling was a thing, our favorite 90s witches were manifesting the shit out of life and casting spells like crazy using their coveted magical books.

What we learned from these 90s spell casting ladies were that:

  • Winifred taught us that magic will stand the test of time and that when life steals your broom, you can always hop on a vacuum
  • Sarah showed us that dark lipstick and plaid skirts really are amazing and that good magic always wins
  • Sabrina proved that everyone must face the tough stuff in life and even the best witches still have to do their homework
  • The Practical Magic sisters reminded us to never underestimate the power of women and especially those with brooms
  • Charmed proved that practice makes perfect and we all evolve and grow whether we are fighting real demons or those that can’t be seen

So how can you find Magic and infuse it into your everyday life?

Magic. What is magic? Is it real? Where do you find it?

To me that is a simple question, with a simple answer. Magic is in everything. And, it’s everywhere.

You have the power to set your day up anyway you like ,and you should do what makes you happiest . You should start as you mean to go on, so why not begin the day in a  way that makes you smile and makes you feel good?

Do you battle with an alarm clock before you even get out of the bed? That’s no way to begin your day. Leave the curtains open a little bit and start waking up with the sunrise, or set your favorite song as your wake-up call. Get up 15 minutes earlier and meditate while the house is quiet, devote yourself to a few minutes of writing down the dreams you just had, or even list out your hopes for the day, make a gratitude list. What were you grateful for yesterday or what are you grateful for today? Go for a run before you get in the shower,do some yoga or eft when you roll out of bed and make yourself an amazing breakfast with some fresh fruit. 

You should incorporate whatever you think would make your day more enjoyable. start planning today and start doing tomorrow! you can make your morning as  extravagant as you like, and it should be the way you like it, since it will set the tone for the rest of your day. 

Most of us have a daily routine that we are used to. That can be great because it helps us be more productive and keeps our lives in order. But on the flip side, routines can be so dreadfully boring. When you think about your everyday routine, how does it sit with you? Do you feel good about it, or could it use a shake-up?  most people wake up, stumble out of the door, sit in the office for 8 hours, come home, eat dinner ,watch TV, and pass out. That is not living! WHere is the magic?  

Making magic doesn’t need to be hard or something that seems like you need a lot of practice and lots of books to figure out. Incorporating these simple suggestions into your life will have you leading a more magical life in no time! 

Here’s some ideas you might like to use,expand,or develop your everyday magic:

  • 1. Meditation: Meditation is like taking a mental shower. It clears out your mind so thoughts don’t start to pile up and overflow into your conscious mind (which is where creativity and ideas happen)! If you have tons of thoughts and past experiences in your unconscious mind that you never let go of you are essentially operating from an unconscious mindset 95-99% of the time! If that sounds dangerous, it is! That means you are not really aware of your actions and you will not be able to access new or creative energy easily.

Does your mind race with thoughts over and over again, have trouble focusing, experience anxiety, can’t fall asleep because you can’t stop thinking,, forget what you were saying or forget to do things you were supposed to do, procrastinating, feel overwhelmed and anxious, low energy, sluggish, always rushing- never on time, always on the go, …and the list goes on…I call this, ScatterBrain, it’s your monkey brain. If you are experiencing any of the following issues, meditation will help you in so many ways! 

Before I started meditating I was experiencing some of the things I listed above and I know first hand, it can make life really difficult.

The good news is there is magic for these folks, and the “magic” comes with so many other benefits, it is incredible! Since I started meditating I feel so much calmer, more focused, less stressed and have less mind chatter and am much more aware than I have ever been, and that’s just to name a few of the benefits. When you incorporate meditation into your life, it becomes as necessary as taking a shower!

Some amazing pointers and tips that have helped me to REALLY see the benefits of meditating is to Take Baby Steps- Start out with 3 or 11 minutes and just start to understand what meditation feels like and make it a part of your routine. I see people jumping into 20-30 minute practices and then it doesn’t last long because they jumped in too deep…baby steps people! Just like anything it takes practice to see the benefits….

2. Free Flow Journaling: Journal Journal Journal…As soon as you are done with your meditation or as soon as you wake up in the morning write down what came up in your meditation or what your dreams were the night before. The most common issue when beginning a meditation practice is that you tend to get lost in your thoughts. This will give you the opportunity to release anything that is currently on your mind and get it down onto paper. Breathe life into your meditations by writing them in your journal. This is a truly magical way to use your journal!

Journaling! We hear about it all the time as a manifesting tool and personal development must-have. But what are you actually supposed to write in your journal? Do we throw it back to our high school days and write about the drama that is happening all around us? Or is there something more meaningful and more magical that we can be doing?

  •  Journal about gratitude, journal about the future (in the present tense as if it’s already happening), journal about the day’s events. Just journal! All of the things that you are grateful for and the abundance that those things bring to your life.
  • ● Write some affirmations or mantras to help keep your vibe high throughout the day. 
  • ● Write love letters! Write them to yourself, write them to your house, write them to your pets, write them to people in your community. Just get to writing them! Share what you are thankful for and what you love! Everything has something to love! 
  1. Tip: Whatever we focus on we will attract more of. This is a great time to bring awareness to your language and how you describe the thoughts in your mind. How can you reframe your thoughts into something more positive? For EXAMPLE: “I am so worried about money. I don’t know if there is enough to pay our bills” Instead of thinking this and writing this change it up: “I am ready to release my limiting beliefs around money. They have held me back for too long. But today I am choosing differently. I am excited to build a new relationship with money. I am excited to welcome money into my life. I am deciding that I will always have enough money.” Continue this process for any thoughts you may have on your mind. You will feel so much lighter already once you have done this! 

So go ahead and Head on over to wherever it is that you pick up your favorite stationary, grab yourself a new journal, and journal some magic into your life!

3. Practice Gratitude and Recognize Abundance. Gratitude is the best way to shift your mindset and prepare for a successful meditation experience! Gratitude is so powerful in shifting us to a positive place because it is telling our subconscious mind that we already have what we desire. This is going to raise your vibration so that when you enter into your meditation you will be vibrating at the same level as the new desires you have: in your life + business. Tip: Show gratitude not only for the things you already have, but also for the desires you are attracting into your life. All of those things that are currently on their way to you! Your gratitude journal might look something like: I am so happy and grateful for my warm home and the nutritious food in my fridge For my family: my incredible husband and son For my growing business For the clients who are attracted to the work I am doing – I know I am going to be able to change so many lives through my work For money in my bank that is constantly growing For friends who support me etc. etc! Really take the time to think of all of the ways you are already so blessed in your life. 

● Gratitude will seriously raise your vibe, especially during the tough times! 

● First thing in the morning, think of a few things that you are super grateful for! When you start to feel jealous, resentful, overwhelmed, or super frustrated, think of something that you are so grateful for or an area in your life in which you are so abundant! Right before you go to bed, think of all that happened during the day that you are grateful for. 

● Remember to find strength in the hard times and know that absolutely every experience is one that leads to learning and growth in some way. 

● Here are some ideas for practicing gratitude: Write a list, hold a crystal that represent gratitude for you and think about all of the amazing things that you are grateful for (carry the crystal with you throughout the day as a reminder), light a candle and envision all of your gratitude being sent up to the universe! 

  • Make Lunch into an event rather than a chore
  • Throw a fabulous potluck dinner party every month.
  •  get really dressed up at least a few times a week .
  • plan amazing holidays getaways and road trips.
  • start taking a class on a subject that fascinates you. 
  • wake up super early and photograph the sun Sunrise. 
  • Dance in elevators
  •  by a bubble gun.
  • wear sequined underwear. 
  • Have a  midnight snack date.
  • Wear silver glitter hair spray. 
  • And last but not least….Tap : Tapping is a combination of Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology that works to physically alter your brain, energy system and body all at once.
  • The practice consists of tapping with your fingertips on specific meridian points while talking through traumatic memories and a wide range of emotions.

Magic is everywhere, It’s in nature. It’s in the butterflies and the fireflies. It’s in the flowers and the rain. It’s now in the fall, when we watch the trees turn their shades of red and orange and we see how beautiful death can be. It’s in nature, always changing, just like the moon…talk about magical.

It’s in your kitchen, when you are deciding what herb to add next in order to make the recipe just right. Or, in the apples you so carefully picked to make the most fantastic, and magical, apple pie

Magic is in the candle you’re about to light while you’re thinking about manifesting that extra $50 you need this week. It’s in your morning cup of coffee… because if coffee’s not magic, I don’t know what is.

It’s in your family and friends. It’s in the book you just couldn’t put down. It’s in the sun, moon, and stars. It’s in your favorite Tarot or Oracle deck. That crystal, or pendulum…You will soon find that even the smallest additions or switch-ups to your routine will make a big impact. it’s really about breaking us out of the monotony that some of us are used to . even little things like changing where you eat lunch or the way you get to work in the morning can add unexpected pleasure to a day that would have been just average if we had stuck only to what we knew.

●Incorporate these simply Everyday Magic techniques into your life on a daily to lay a strong foundation for your magical and manifesting life. 

But most importantly, it’s in you.

Thank you so much for reading and i’ll catch you on the magical side of life.